There is one reason Montauk, New York has become a Mecca for classical musicians: Photographer Lisa-Marie Mazzucco. For over ten years, and with over 100 albums to her name, Lisa-Marie has become the photographer of choice for countless musicians nationally and internationally. Her ability to put artists at ease and the skillful way in which she illuminates and draws out each artist's strength, confidence and natural beauty are the hallmarks of her success. Influenced by the raw and exquisite nature found on the East End of Long Island, Lisa-Marie Mazzucco creates portraits that capture the essence of her subjects. Born in Halifax and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Mazzucco was a competitive figure skater, classically trained ballet dancer and a pianist throughout her childhood. She traveled the world as a make-up artist with her husband, renowned fashion photographer and artist, Raphael Mazzucco. He continues to be a great influence and the couple enjoy collaborating on a variety of projects every year. They make their home in Montauk, NY year round with their son, Sascha